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Mindful eating

In today's rushed day to day, we often forget that eating is something to be enjoyed, not something that should add stress onto your routine! Eating on-the-go, or in front of the television can also have very detrimental effects on your health, particularly as you do not register what you are eating, in the same way as you would seating at your dinner table.

If you are trying to shed some weight, are on my Metabolic Balance plan, or just want to live more healthily, give the following a try!

  • Sit down at a table to eat - not on the couch, your work desk or in front of the television!

  • Before you sit at the table, clear any clutter that may be on it.

  • Use a smaller plate (like a dessert plate) - it will help you with portion control and even sometimes makes you feel like you are eating more, rather than less.

  • Turn off the television, iPad, etc. while eating.

  • Also avoid multitasking while eating. Checking e-mails? Nope!

  • If you are feeling fancy and have the time to spare, you can even use tableware and utensils that you particularly like, placing a table setting for you, even when you are eating alone. I love it when we have flowers on our dinner table! Or candles during dinner!

  • Start your meal with a couple of bites of protein, rather than carbs. Some argue that it can trick the brain into thinking that your meal will be mainly protein, reducing the insulin response... others say it slows down the digestion of carbohydrates, as salivary amylase is first produced while chewing... to be honest, nobody really knows why, but it helps with overall weight loss. So just do it!

Let me know if any of these works for you! Stay healthy!


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