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Judy's Bone Broth

With the change of weather, lately I have been obsessed with making bone-broth. I make it at least once a week and using it as a base for soups and other dishes. Bone broth is high in healthy fats for cell membranes and minerals that support the immune system. It also contains collagen, which can help heal the gut lining and reduce inflammation. Some can just drink it straight, like a cup of coffee... which is amazing! But I need to add some veggies and spices in order to have it. So it's up to you how you have it!

  • Approx. 500 gr of fresh bones high in collagen (such as marrow, knuckles and feet). While beef is the most common option, you can also use lamb, pork, veal, chicken, etc. Just ensure it has been grass fed.

  • You can add as many veggies as you want. Some options could include: leeks, carrots, onions, garlic, turnip, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

  • 2-3 tablespoons of cider vinegar: it aids in extracting the minerals from the bones.

  • Herbs & spices: bay leaves, black pepper, turmeric and any others you fancy!

  • Water: 6-10 cups​


  • Place the bones in your pot and pour the vinegar evenly. Try to let it sit for 20-30 min for the vinegar to take effect.

  • Add the water and the bay leaves and cover.

  • Bring to the boil and then let it simmer for 1.5 hours. Check the water content once in a while and add more if needed. Otherwise you will end up with a super concentrated broth (which is not a bad thing, it just might be a bit "beefy" to drink).

  • You could then add the veggies and spices and let them cook for 30 more minutes, before straining everything.

  • Or, if you would like to eat the veggies (like I do!), I would strain the meat and bones first. Then return the broth to the heat and add the veggies and spices. You could have pre-steamed the veggies so they require less cooking time if you are in a hurry, or just let them cook in the broth.

Serving suggestions:

  • I absolutely love using the broth as a base for other dishes (like my cottage pie, recipe to come soon!)

  • Or, you could add more meat and/or a grain (like barley, brown rice or quinoa) and make it into a light stew.


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