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Nutritional Cooking


Continued nutritional support

Eating healthy, drinking your water, getting your steps in... We all need to take care of ourselves! But in today's busy world, with its tons of information, living healthily can get a bit lonely, and even confusing at times! 

That's why I created the NutriTribe. A program designed to provide you with ongoing nutritional support and expert advice for only £6.99/month. 

What will you get with your membership?

  • Exclusive invitation to "Libro": The most comprehensive nutrition app out there, used by nutritionists all over the world.  You'll be able to log in all your food choices, activities, ask questions and track items such as water or fibre intake (and many more!)

  • A monthly nutritional report outlining the intake of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in your diet, also highlighting potential deficiencies. You will receive your first report one week after you start using Libro. 

  • Personalised nutrition advice based on your report. Each month, you will receive three top health tips or areas to focus on for the next month, ensuring you continue on the best path to health. 

  • Exclusive discounts: If you ever wished to have a full one-on-one consultation with Judit, you would get 40% off any consultation packages, or 30% of other programmes, as a member of the NutriTribe. 

  • Exclusive prizes and competitions: To keep you on your toes and engaged, NutriTribers will also have exclusive access to competitions and giveaways. 

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