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Metabolic Balance® Programme

Steps & Fees

  • Introduction call: (15 min.) (free) (over phone or skype)

    • ​Introduction to Soriam Nutrition and Metabolic Balance®. If you would like to continue onto the next stage, we would move onto a diagnostics consultation.

  • Diagnostics consultation: (45 min.) (£95) (face to face)

    • In this face-to-face appointment, we would go over your recent medical history, health goals, food allergies/intolerances, body analysis, food diary, etc. These parameters will help us determine if Metabolic Balance® is right for you and will provide you more information on its specifics. If you do not wish to embark on the plan after this consultation, you will still receive an overall health and nutrition assessment. If you decide to move onto the next stage, the consultation fee will be deducted from the overall package cost.

  • Metabolic Balance Program: (3 to 6 months) (£900)  

    • Blood tests covering haematology, biochemistry, thyroid function, pancreatic function and inflammatory markers.

    • Personalised nutrition plan based on your blood test results.

    • 5 face-to-face consultations over a period of 3 to 6 months to support you during your plan:

      • 1 kick-off consultation (60 min)​

      • 4 follow up consultations (30 min)

    • Additional support over phone/email with any questions you might have during the process.


  • Metabolic Balance Follow Up (optional, but highly recommended!) (£90)

    • After you have completed phase 3 of the program (3-4 months after the start date), it is recommended to repeat your blood tests to assess the improvements/changes and have an additional consultation to go over them and guide you through any necessary next steps.

      • Follow up blood tests​

      • Additional support consultation (30 min)

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