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Health check - Blood Tests

The Metabolic Balance® blood tests can be available without signing to the whole program, if you are interested in obtaining an overview of how your system is working and any possible nutritional deficiencies, they can be done along a general diagnostics consultation. 

Soriam Nutrition works with the Doctors' Laboratory in central London and you would need to visit their Wimpole Street location to provide a blood sample. 

  • Metabolic Balance Blood Tests Package (£200)

    • Blood tests covering haematology, biochemistry, thyroid function, pancreatic function and inflammatory markers.​

    • In a face-to-face appointment, we would go over the result of your blood tests, your recent medical history, health goals, food allergies/intolerances, body analysis, food diary, etc. You will leave with an overview of your current health status and advice to start implementing some positive changes tailored to you. 

Please note that if you would like additional support after the diagnostics consultation, outside the Metabolic Balance program®, we would need to arrange one of the following packages (either carried out in person or over Skype).

  • Individual Consultations (30 min per session)

    • 1 session (£45)​

    • 2 sessions (£85)

    • 4 sessions (£165)

    • 6 sessions (£250)

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