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Corporate Services

A healthier workplace

A healthier workplace, is a better, more efficient environment. Soriam Nutrition can work with small to large businesses to provide employees with support regarding health and nutrition.


Programmes and topics can be tailored to your company, but our most successful corporate packages include: 

  • Metabolic Balance (one presentation ~ 45 min): Overview of how our metabolism works, how our bodies deal with different types of food, how we produce energy, biological value of nutrients, cholesterol and excercise. All to be followed by tips for keeping your metabolism on top shape and Q&A. 

  • Inflammation & Insuline Resistance (one presentation ~ 45 min): What is inflammation, how it relates to metabolic syndrome, allergies and food intolerances. Followed by tips to reduce/manage inflammation on our day to day and Q&A. 

  • Fatigue & Energy Management (one presentation ~ 45 min): How stress can affect energy levels, how to eat for optimum energy, what types of food to prioritise and/or avoid, snack ideas and supplements to consider.  Followed by Q&A.

We also offer a corporate version of the 5 Weeks to Health programme for smaller groups:

  • The programme consists of five 30 minute sessions (ideal for lunch time breaks) over the course of five or six weeks, where we cover a series of health and nutrition topics.

  • Goals and objectives are also set in each session for employees to focus on and support each other. Topics covered include:

    • Water intake & excercise

    • Healthy breakfast and snacks

    • Portion control

    • Fatigue & stress management

    • And many others!

Tailored corporate packages can also include 1-on-1 consultations and blood tests covering haematology, biochemistry, thyroid function, pancreatic function and inflammatory markers.​ This information ensures nutrition advice is accurately tailored to your employees' nutritional needs. 

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