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Preparing Healthy Food

5 Weeks to Health

Gentle and tailored nutritional support

The 5 Weeks to Health programme has been designed with all the learnings gathered from supporting clients with different goals and approaches to nutrition.


With a gentle and stepped approach, the programme aims at improving your day to day routines and nutritional intake, at your own pace over the course of five weeks. This method ensures you feel confident with each step you take, before we dive into the next area or topic (i.e. water intake, excercise, portion control, etc.)

The 5 Weeks to Health programme (£225) consists of:

  • One face to face diagnostic consultation, where we will go over your food diary, your recent medical history, health goals, food allergies/intolerances, body analysis, etc. (45 min) 

  • Four additional consultations (20 min) carried out over the phone or videocall, spread out over the course of five weeks. We will review your progress each week and set new, attainable goals progressively. 

  • Optional: Although it is not mandatory, you can add blood tests to the programme (additional £70). Our blood tests cover haematology, biochemistry, thyroid function, pancreatic function and inflammatory markers.​ This information will ensure your plan is accurately tailored to your nutritional needs. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more about the 5 Weeks to Health programme. 

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